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I wrote the following observations in 2004  in response to the question raised in the subject line by a Russian ICQ member, therefore it contains some very specific references to that person. Still, the basic ideas appear to me to be still valid and applicable also in a more general way. 
I suppose you are not a professional translater else you would not pose this question. Just a few observations:

Go into a major book shop and search under Poetry. You will find myriads of translations. Are they valid? Under which criteria?

Have you ever read any Chinese, Persian, Aramaic, Arabic, Japanese poetry? Unless you are a genius, the answer should be No, at least as far as the original versions are concerned. You speak Russian, OK, but do you know that e.g. Maiakowsky is very much appreciated around the world by people who don’t speak Russian, so is Petrarca by non Italian speaking poetry lovers, Goethe and the Lake District Poets by people who don’t speak German or English respectively.

But, you are right, a translation is different und there may be even some rare cases where a translation or, better said, a version in another than the original language is superior or more powerful than the original.

It will also largely depend on the type of poetry, whether it is a ballad or a more philosophical poem, transmitting to the reader ideas or emotions or mainly dwelling on the beauty of rhythm and rhyme, the music of words and the miraculous associations thus created. And then think of modern poetry, occasionally on purpose constructing word sequences in defiance of grammar, syntax and meaning! What is there to be translated?

Then take a simple great poem like The Raven from E.A. Poe and there should be translations into all major languages of the Western World and they might all be valid (this is my subjective view).

My answer is YES but….


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